As a leading importer and exporter of ornamental fish, our team at Sanwa Aquatics (KL) Sdn Bhd is dedicated to bringing the vibrant beauty of tropical fish species to aquatic retailers, wholesalers and transhippers worldwide.

Looking ahead, our vision extends beyond our current footprint. We are committed to expanding our presence across Malaysia and overseas market. We plan to collaborate with local entrepreneurs such as aquarium shop owners and overseas aquatic retailers. Expanding our business with these partners presents an exciting opportunity for Sanwa Aquatics. By partnering with aquatic retailers, we can extend our reach and make our vibrant range of tropical fish species more accessible to enthusiasts.

We envision working closely with aquatic retailers to provide them with top-quality products, reliable support, and innovative solutions. This collaboration will allow us to build strong relationships with local entrepreneurs including aquarium shop owners, as well as overseas aquatic retailers, ensuring that they have the resources needed to succeed.

Together, we can create a thriving aquatic community and elevate the ornamental fish industry to new heights. Our combined efforts will enhance the availability of a diverse range of stunning tropical fish species, benefiting both retailers and enthusiasts alike.